Just in: French Opposition end support for “Occupation” of Afghanistan

A major crack in the Euro-USAmerican consensus…

The Taleban are fast regaining territory and the allies are losing the support of the Afghan people because of poor American tactics, said Jean-Marc Ayrault, the Socialist parliamentary leader. “We do not accept this slide towards a war of occupation,” he told Parliament. “Our troops are manifestly lacking in equipment,” he added.

Public opinion was against Mr Sarkozy’s decision to send more combat troops last spring. Emotion over the August ambush has raised demands for an immediate pullout, an option now backed by more than 60 per cent of the public, polls show.

Soldiers’ families have been stirring passions with public attacks on the President and the military for sending young soldiers to their deaths. Wives of soldiers complained that they could not stand the strain of knowing that their men were in possible combat. “If he doesn’t phone by 8pm I start worrying myself sick,” said one. (more from the Times of London)

One thought on “Just in: French Opposition end support for “Occupation” of Afghanistan

  1. Je suis franchement désapointée.J’ai retenu François Hollande au second tour car j’étais convaincue de changement qui était exposé et à l’élaboration d’une équipe gouvernementale irréprochable. Quelle déception de constater que François Hollande nomme en tant que premier ministre Jean Marc Ayrault, qui n’est vraiment pas irréprochable. Il a clairement était condamné à 6 mois de prison pour magouille de favoritisme. Grande déception !.


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